Vascular disease is a broad term that comprises a long disease process. This starts off with something known as atherosclerosis, which is a buildup of fatty plaque on vessel walls caused by many risk factors. Some of these include diabetes, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cigarette smoking. Blood vessels are all over our body and need to reach our tissue…

This means that atherosclerosis can develop anywhere in any body part. This is known as peripheral arterial disease. It is a disease that can lead to fatal consequences like limb amputation. It most commonly occurs in the legs and presents as weakness, intermittent pain, and fatigue which cause you to limit your physical activity. Another area that is commonly hit by atherosclerosis includes the carotid arteries which is a large artery in your neck leading up to your brain. A blockage there can lead to a stroke.

Since obesity is becoming increasingly common in the United States you may extrapolate that vascular disease is also increasing in incidence. Unfortunately, these symptoms are easy to miss. Our extensively trained medical providers are highly experienced and will come to a diagnosis in a snap. Usually, patients who have vascular disease also have poor heart health. Therefore, identifying this disease early is crucial.

Diagnosing this disease includes some tests like an ultrasound of your blood vessels as well as physical examinations performed by the doctors themselves. However, sometimes it may even need a wide array of tests like CT scans, MRIs, and angiography. All of these facilities are available at our clinic.

When it comes to treatment, we start off with typical lifestyle modifications such as improving your diet and increasing physical activity. Some medication regimes prescribed by our cardiologists are also available to improve symptoms. Finally, our clinic also provides the latest therapies such as balloon angioplasties and atherectomy.

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