Does heart disease run in your family? Have you ever wondered whether you should get a checkup? We at Heart Wellness Group specialize in providing this service. So don’t look any further, if your parents have high blood pressure or ever had a heart attack, come to us so we can run a full diagnostic workup on you. Our highly sensitive workup includes all the basic as well as advanced testing modalities needed to prevent heart disease before it occurs.

Our medical providers start off this workup by taking a detailed history which includes a twenty-minute questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, our team gathers information about your ethnicity, background, family history, habits, diet, and so on. While matters like ethnicity may not seem to be important during diagnosis or prevention, certain ethnicities actually do have a predilection for certain types of heart disease. This is why our clinicians make sure to not miss anything. Next, our team gathers all this information and calculates the risk. Afterwards, as needed, certain blood and exercise tests may be prescribed to investigate your current state of health even more.

Some examples of these tests include blood tests, echocardiograms, stress testing, CT scan of the heart, and ultrasound doppler investigations. Rest assured our doctors will only ask for the tests you will need for prevention and diagnosis. Of course, once we conclude our investigation with the results of your tests, we will devise a plan according to your specific needs with objective data to back them up. This plan will usually comprise of lifestyle modifications like increasing physical activity and altering dietary habits. If you are a high-risk individual, it any even involve some medications. Our top-notch medical providers will make sure your medication is exclusively tailored to your needs.

This check-up is not only for prevention. Individuals who already had a cardiac event are at an even greater need for routine, thorough, and well coordinated follow-up care. We at Heart Wellness Group are your last stop for comprehensive cardiovascular health.

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