If you experience heart palpitations, dizziness, heart racing, or fainting episodes and your electrocardiogram seems normal or is not definitive, we may suggest wearing a small device that monitors your heart rhythm throughout the day. Holter monitor is a battery-powered small device that you can wear throughout the day. This device keeps track of any heart rate or rhythm changes. The Holter monitor is attached with electrodes that are placed the same way as an electrocardiogram. These electrodes might fall off, and we would show you how to reattach them in case that happens. This long-term monitoring helps evaluate your heart’s electrical activity while you perform day-to-day activities.

We might use it in cases we suspect functional abnormalities of your heart, arrhythmias (irregular rhythm disorders), and other cardiac abnormalities. This type of ambulatory ECG (electrocardiogram) makes it easy to pick up on heart symptoms ad conditions that come and go, which might be absent during the brief time a normal ECG takes place. We would suggest you take part in your day-to-day activities while wearing the holter monitor and note them down in a notebook for reference.

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