A non-invasive and painless diagnostic procedure, carotid ultrasound is a tool that helps evaluate blood flow through the carotid arteries in your neck. Carotid arteries are one of your body’s major arteries that carry blood to your brain. Narrowing and consequent reduced blood flow through these arteries can compromise your brain’s blood supply and result in a stroke. We would use carotid ultrasound to pick up on any blockages of your arteries, screen for carotid artery disease, or simply calculate your risk for developing a stroke in the future. The procedure is fairly simple, and our professional sonographer will make sure you are comfortable while the valuable imaging is done. You will be asked to lie down on your back while positioning your head in a way your neck is reachable. Our sonographer will first place a gel on your neck to facilitate wave transmission. We will view your carotid arteries using a small probe over your neck region. This procedure takes less than 45 minutes.

There are two types of carotid ultrasounds–doppler ultrasound which helps evaluate blood flow, and a standard carotid ultrasound helps assess the structure of the carotid artery. We would suggest which type you should get based on the type of problem you have.

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