Arrhythmia is a medical term used to describe the abnormal rhythm of a heartbeat. It can involve the beats being too slow-paced or too fast-paced. It can even mean that the beats are not coordinated. Depending on the abnormal rhythm, this can be dangerous as it affects the perfusion of blood to the rest of your body. Usually, it develops in already diseased hearts but sometimes it can occur in completely healthy individuals too. This is why it’s important to visit a cardiologist as soon as you start feeling symptoms like light-headedness, palpitations or difficulty breathing. Cardiologists at Heart Wellness Group specialize in dealing with arrhythmic hearts.

Arrhythmias are simply diagnosed by ECGs, but only very skilled cardiologists can read an ECG well. The treatment involves many pharmacological drugs suited to different types of arrhythmias. Sometimes if the arrhythmias are severe they may even involve defibrillation which is delivered as an electric shock.

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