Angioplasty is a crucial as well as minimally invasive therapeutic procedure that helps our specialists open any blocked blood vessel to not just your heart but other organs such as kidneys and legs. Like catheterization performed in angiography, a small hollow tube and a very small balloon are passed by our trained cardiologists, through a vessel in your arm or groin, all while you are sedated. This hollow tube is then threaded into the blood vessel, which is blocked, and guided by X-rays. Once the obstruction is localized, the balloon is inflated, opening the vessel. In most cases, a metal frame (stent) is also inserted and as the balloon inflates, the stent attaches to the wall, keeping it open even after the balloon is deflated and removed.

This procedure might be paired up with other therapeutic techniques to help us clear any blockages in your blood vessels. Depending on the situation at hand, removing a blockage or a clot using other devices is possible with angioplasty.

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